Santosh Yonjan

Born at small mountain village of Nepal, Santosh is civil engineer working at Shimizu corporation. He founder organizer of TEDxShinshuUniversity and English cafe. He has a experience of working in major infrastructure projects in Indonesia and Japan. He believes education is the most important tools to bring changes in the world.

Tojo Shin

Tojo shin is from the Aichi prefecture of Japan. After completing masters degree in civil engineering, he is working at Oriental Consultant. His specialization is bridge design and renovation of infrastructure. He is founding member of TEDxShinshuUniversity. He is also playing instrumental role in Sakura project team.

Nakamura Noritaka

Nakamura is from Mastumoto city of Nagano prefecture. He has completed bachelors in Engineering in electronics from Shinshu University. He completed his master from UK. Now is is working as engineer at Nissan motors. He is technical division head in the TEDxShinshuUniversity, English cafe and Sakura project team.

Hemmi Ryo

Hemmi is Geologist from Kyoto prefecture. He has completed master in geology from Shinshu University. He is reacher at Shimizu Coorporation for tunneling at mountainous region. 

Kelvin Lai

Kelvin Lai has completed his masters degree in electrical engineering from Shinshu University. He had worked as co-organizer for TEDxShinshuUniversity and has been instrumental role in Rotact.

Kimura Yukiya

Kimura is IT designer at Yahoo Japan. He has completed master in information technology form Shinshu University. He had worked as the co organizer for TEDxShinshuunuversity



Jeevan Yonjan


Dhawasang Lama


Krishna Shrestha